Your Dreams Are Valid

As I write this post, it is the day after one of the biggest annual events in the film industry – the Oscars.  From the time of when I was younger I always found Hollywood, the film industry, as where you can escape into the stories. There was ‘magic’. One of the big winners of the night was for the actress Lupita Nyong’o who won the academy for Best Supporting Actress.


There had been quite a buzz around her leading up to the big night, as she starred in the film “12 years of a Slave’, which depicted a dark time in history the Atlantic Slave Trade that lasted four centuries. There had also been a buzz due to her being a talented actress, and demonstrating that beauty was not only for what traditionally Hollywood defined it as. As she accepted her Oscar she made reference to the child sitting at home, whom may not feel confident about their dream being realised. She said that no matter what your dream is, it is valid.


This was touching as it also applied to grown up people, who may have been told by false belief systems that they can not achieve. How there are limitations. But yes, you can make it happen. Your dreams are valid!

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