Who want’s to be a millionaire?

Today is catch-up in terms of the 30-days blog challenge. I will be posting day 14 and 15, as I am a little bit behind. This is an interesting topic as in day 14 Natalie Sisson interviewed in her podcast training, Jamie Tardy of Eventual Millionaire fame, discusses that with a millionaire mindset they always need to be pushing forward. In life there may be some bumps or minor hiccups, but the trick was to keep going.

30 day challenge

What are two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month?

Never give up

From a young age it can be implanted into us that winning is a nice thing, and losing is not so nice. In building a business there may be times when I may be trying out something, which is new to me, and there is an element of risk. I might not be achieving my outcome at first but I can learn and grow from it. Failure is not necessarily a bad word, if you decide not to give up. I come originally from a corporate world not the mediapreneur world. In terms of my brand SophiaWorld, it is about reaching a world wide web of an audience that is interesting in some uplifting, wellness/lifestyle tips. My main action will be to continuously putting my message out there. This is involves providing people with my expertise through my blog, and offering my services and programs for their further development. This is why I cannot forget my list/pool of contacts. Day 15 of this challenge will be exploring building email listing. I do not like spam and “dry” newsletters. This is why I have developed a weekly “diary-styled” newsletter, which provides people the opportunity to go behind the scenes for the personal and business projects that I am involved in.

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Knocking on a few doors

I cannot preach about doing something, and not following it. Okay, there may be times when we are not good at following what we prescribe – like the doctor who smokes – but it is good that if you believe in a philosophy to also live by it. In order to be the best me, to grow and to learn stuff that I want to pass on, I need to ask questions. This may mean talking to people that I do not know very well. I will need to connect with them, explain what it is that I do and am an expert in, plus my desired outcome.


Leap of faith

Okay, the challenge was to write about habits of a millionaire that I could use to monetize in my blog, but I cannot forget how with these successful people how they believed in what they did and took a big leaf of faith.



30 day challenge

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