Waiting to Exhale….

It’s now day five of the 30-days blog challenge and I decided to go back to my typical SophiaWorld style in terms of my blog title: Waiting to exhale. This was partly due to some tips that were provided in today’s challenge. If you would like to see it, please click here. I recommend you read this first, as you do not want to miss out on the flow.

I do not usually explain outright in my blog posts the reason behind their titles, as:

  1. the answer is usually within the post; and
  2. I like to get the reader thinking – be curious.

30 day challenge

Today’s question of this 30-days blog challenge was:

What’s does your perfect day look like?

Subjective Test

The state of being perfect is a subjective test. Here, I must be sounding like a lawyer. For readers new to the brand SophiaWorld, I did read law at university. (Just a little on my back story) Going back to perfect, it reminds me a little of the fairytale “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”. In this story Goldilocks was trying different porridge bowls, stating too hot and was happy when it was “just right”.  This leads me to my perfect day.

Waiting to Exhale

In 1995, the movie Waiting to Exhale, starring Denzel Washington, the late Whitney Houston and Angela Basset was released. One of the characters talked about finding a life or love partner, and how it was a great moment when they found them. They described this moment when then can finally relax, exhale and allow to flow with life. This feeling flashed to my mind when thinking about my perfect day.

Opening Act – Day start

I awake to the sound of the birds chirping away, I slowly stretch from my foetal position. I had a nice rest. As I start to focus and become alert, I hear my “love” moving around in the kitchen, humming, whilst making the breakfast. I think, is he not sweet, knowing how I like to be treated? I can smell the porridge with the cinnamon -yum, yum.

I walk down into our kitchen of our beach house, which is one of our favourite homes. I take my seat at the round table; look at the folded newspaper and laugh as my love knows that I am very selective in when I will read the news. He comes up behind me and plants a kiss on my cheek, then takes his place opposite me. We go through our morning ritual, where we talk about what we want to do for the day ahead and our projects. He asks me if I have any ideas for any new Film/ TV/Internet show. I also ask him about his plans. At this moment I remind myself how thankful I am to life, the universe for providing what I have called for. One being: this lovely partner whom I can share in this freedom of location lifestyle. Just like heaven now plays in the background…

Middle Act

I have so far spent three hours of working solidly, catching up on emails and working on one of my projects. I have been working on a new coaching programme for my fans. I hope that they will be excited as I am. Now I can start to slow down and enjoy the rest of the day with my love.

Closing Act

I have left my beach house and decided to go with my love, to one of our favourite local restaurants. The service at the Asian-food restaurant was always good. We thought that it be our night out from the kitchen, although my love does most of the cooking. After dessert we start to talk about our travel plans, where we will be basing ourselves. With my work being online, and I am being able to operate well from anywhere once I have a good internet connection, this allows us flexibility. We start to think about basing ourselves closer to our family, as soon there will be a newer addition to our family. It is so nice to have friends or love ones close by. I remind him that although it will be nice to be closer to the family, I am happy once our little family is together.

It is so lovely deciding sometime ago, that I wanted to have a lifestyle that enabled me to have the balance between business and personal. Incorporate my love for travel and adventure, and not allowing the time to continue to keep ticking whilst I am in a paralysis in not taking a step forward into living my free range-style lifestyle.

I, on most days, think to myself that I can just exhale and smile and enjoy the NOW not wondering but living. And here is the late Whitney Houston sounding out this perfect day



30 day challenge

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