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I love happy accidents, the ones we just don’t plan for. These seemingly coincidental collisions of time and circumstance in life often result in blessings we never expected, as long as we are open to receiving and allowing them and to seeing the abundance they bring. I strive to feel and appreciate abundance in my everyday life. As soon as I wake up to a new day, I make a decision to experience the little joys and human connections that day will bring, all those blessings related to love, wealth, natural resources, and health. There is truly much to be grateful for in life, if we will only open our eyes to it.

One happy accident I am grateful for is the start of my brand Love Happy Body, and here I am, surprisingly writing my very first Love Happy Body post! It is my true desire that you will find this to be a blessing, as much of a blessing as writing it is for me.

My Health Is My Wealth

Health is an integral part of my abundance and should be part of yours. In 2014, I learned that someone close to me was beginning to experience serious health problems. They suffered a stroke, and they were in their early thirties. That was enough of a warning for me, and I decided I could no longer neglect my health. My body is my temple, one I need to love and nurture, the temple that will one day nurture and grow my baby. Yes, I see myself as being a mum one day, and I know I need to be there for my family, friends, readers, listeners, and other acquaintances. It is my duty to myself and to all of you to take better care of me. Ultimately, our health is our greatest wealth, and it is something we must pay close attention to, even more carefully than we may watch our bank accounts.

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Finding the Balance

Another motivator for my desire to get healthy is physical fitness. I had become slightly overweight, as I was not exercising nor eating a balanced diet. This was not only a physical issue; it was truly a reflection of what was going on inside me at the time, a mirror of the emotions I was experiencing. Few things in life are truly permanent, so these emotional ups and downs were not long term, but I had a powerful lesson to learn. What I feel is powerful, as it can send vibrations out into the Universe. In terms of thought process, it helps to strive for balance in all things: work, nutrition, personal relationships, love, sexual needs, physical activity, emotional wellbeing, and your spirit. Being healthy is about finding the right balance for you. This balancing act may change over time, and you may find that you have to focus on different areas every now and then, the way a plate-spinner has to run to one stack of plates or another to keep them turning. Nutrition and exercise are part of this balance, and it is important to pay attention to these. Even in the very inspirational Eat, Pray, Love, an amazing story of self-discovery, the author’s time in Italy focused a great deal on food—and with good reason.

The Journey To Growing My Wealth Health

Around the same time when I started to take notice of my physical health, I also felt a strong urge to improve my wealth, and I was fortunate enough to come across an opportunity that would enable me to increase both my wealth and health. I am no longer associated with that franchise, but it was a springboard for me, fostering my desire to learn more about health and nutrition. Thanks to that opportunity and my desire to learn while also increasing my wealth, I attended some food workshops and discovered many helpful, practical ideas that I now incorporate into my everyday life. Today, I am a trainee, learning to be a nutritional therapist, so I can help others take advantage of these powerful lessons too.

It’s Fun To Share the Journey

Whilst I undertake this journey to become healthier, I want to share my experiences, as a lifestyle writer. I am sure there are others out there like me who truly desire to be healthier and to learn more about food and fitness. I want to put a real-life spin on things, to teach people who are tired of trying to live up to some impossible vision painted by a glossy expert—a term I coined for all those celebrities and famous (or infamous) influencers who appear on social media and commercials, projecting distorted, photoshopped, touched-up, enhanced images of what is healthy or presenting misleading advice on the science behind nutrition. We are all unique, with unique physical makeups, so our nutrient needs vary, and no once-size-fits-all.

Love Your Body

By the time I left university in my early twenties, I was overweight. I was not obese, but I was something a bit larger than what would be a natural size for my frame. A person who was close to me and had not seen me for a while actually asked, “What happened to you? You used to be very slim and good-looking!” While that person may have been right regarding the weight, not necessary the looks, the remark still hurt severely, and it sparked a body hang-up within me, one that took several years for me to get over. I began to base my self-worth and my beauty solely on the shape of my figure and my external appearance. I seriously thought that having a slim body was the only way I would ever be beautiful again. I did not factor in all the other important parts of me that make me me, even going so far as to dismiss the beauty of my inner spirit. The messages we hear from other people and from the media about what is sexy and gorgeous can truly make an impression on us, at a very deep level. Today, I am proud to say that I love myself, no matter what condition I am in. I do not feel comfortable being unhealthy, when I am not at my best, but loving me and loving my body is about learning to be in tune with myself, about really listening to what my body is telling me. It is about knowing when I need to nurture myself, and that is what Love Happy Body is all about.

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Lets get body confident

I want you to feel body confident, to feel healthy and wealthy, inside and out. You are worthy of love, and you should be kind to your body. Strive for happiness in your everyday mindset, as having a happy mind is also interconnected to your general health. I hope you enjoy taking this Love Happy Body journey with me, and I will happily share with you, so that we can all learn along the way. In the Love department, I will take you behind the scenes of my love life. When it comes to Happy, I hope to show you how I work at maintaining balance and feeling awesome and happy, no matter what. And finally, when it comes to Body, I will share with you my health plan, which I hope will inspire you to make positive changes of your own. Love Happy Body, my friends, each and every day!