Time is so precious

Time is money. Time is so precious as it just goes on, even as I am writing this post my time on earth is reducing. So since it is a precious commodity it should not be wasted. In day 20 of the blog challenge, Natalie Sisson discusses the tools that she uses in her online business. The point is that there are tools  required for successfully running a business, like having good website hosting and having the function for people to buy your products or services from you. This leads me to to day 20 question:

State your top three tools that you will use (or already use) to save time and money and make your online world more seamless.

30 day challenge
Website is my key shop window

Without my website then I will not have an online business. So keeping the domain and having the site hosted by a good company is important.

“No customer, no business”

For the existing visitors to my website, they are given free access to my written material via my blog posts. There is a comment section and contact form which they can use to engage with me. To take my brand to the next level, I need to feed her. As I posted on my FaceBook personal page today in a discussion about sales: “I love to be at service and money is the currency to get things DONE”. I will be using tools like Paypal to enable my customers to buy my product and services.

“I can not be in more than one place at a time”

It is good to have automated systems, as this can cut down on the time in having to sit by the computer and send off materials to a paying customer. Not that I do not enjoy interacting with the end customer, but when the quantity increases it may not be manageable doing this. I do not want an unhappy customer talking about an experience of having to wait a long time for their product. This is why I will be using software such as e-junkie, and this can also work alongside my payment option.

In the world of social media, the audience wants to see visibility and consistency. Hootsuite seems like an excellent tool to have my tweets sent out at specific times.

Keeping on the pulse

So these are some of the tools that I currently use or will be using. As time goes by, I can imagine continuing to use tools that makes it easy for me to run my online platform and to nurture my brand.

30 day challenge

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