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It is great to know where you are going, and how you are going to get there. Writing a list is one way of doing this. Although you may not be able to plan for every eventuality. Plus it is fun to sometimes go “off the beaten track”. Day 24 of the 30-days blog challenge was all about preparation and what type of traveller that you were.

30 day challenge

What are your travel essentials for your chosen destination(s) ?

My absolute essentials

After the passport and necessary visa, if it is required and the money, I would say having my MacBook Air. I’m very simple in this way. And I cannot forget clothes, as I am not a nudist. Maybe behind closed doors I may run around in my undies but not in public.


Before I decide to go away for a long period of time, I will make sure that I have a health check-up. Although last time when I was going away the doctor simply asked me if I was feeling okay, and that if my health was generally good then I would not need to worry. I will also consider here my injections, as I nearly forgot to look into this when I was going somewhere tropical. Talking about tropics, I do not like mosquitos as they seem to smell me when I land. So mosquito repellant and mosquito net will be added to my suitcase, along with antihistamine cream.

Practising safe sex

Whilst sex can sometimes be a taboo, it is something that can not be ignored as it is natural and normal. So for women it may be which contraception to use. It is good to pack condoms, as passion can make you do unexpected things.


When I was reading the resources on Natalie Sisson’s website for this challenge, she provided some practical tips. One of them questioned are you the traveller who likes luxuries and your creature comforts, or could you be comfortable staying in a hostel. It has always been important to me when travelling:

  1. Be safe.
  2. The place is clean.
  3. Not be isolated.
  4. Close to people.

Where I stay will depend on a number of factors:

  • I am going to that place for business? If so, will my travel and accommodation expenses be covered in the project?
  • If I am going for leisure, how long will I be there?
  • What is the cost of the basics?
  • What is standard accommodation like?
  • Will I be staying with a contact/friend/acquaintance/family?


It is always good to be covered. As you may have noticed my MacBook Air is one of my most valuable possessions, as it enables me to do my work, stay connected and find out what is happening. I have this covered, whereby it does not matter what happens to it, I get it repaired or replaced. This is anywhere in the world. So it is good to have insurance. By the way I am not currently receiving sponsorship for Apple. (Maybe come back in a few weeks time, to see whether this latter line has been edited).

People knowing where I am

It is always good for people to know where I am, so providing my sister with my itinerary, plus staying in regular contact with family and friends is good. They can see what I am doing from social media updates

30 day challenge






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