The suitcase entrepreneur 30-days challenge day 4

It’s now day four of the 30-days blog challenge and it is all about the “L” word today, location. Here was the question:


30 day challenge

What is your definition of location independence?

How being in on destination almost choked me

When I was working the 9-5 lifestyle where my destination for work was usually fixed, somewhere in an office cubicle, I had days where I dreamed. In these dreams my mind would often escape from my surroundings: office gossip; office politics and the stiff-corporate game. At times I felt that I needed this escape, as I was often oppressing my true creative “genius”. So there was a lot of conformity on my part. I must admit that I did rebel in some ways. One was in the uniform, adding a splash of colour in terms of my clothing. Yes, I can be flamboyant but did this in an elegant and professional way.

How I perceive being location independent

As previously touched upon in the previous posts, in terms of deciding to live a lifestyle it is all down to mindset. Being location independent first conjures into my mind: choosing where and when, I would like to work. Instead of going to multiple locations to see clients, I may decide to work from the comfort of my bed on my Mac Book Air. Yes, it may not be in an open-plan office, seeing the same scenery but it is freedom.



A day in the life of a location independent entrepreneur

I was bitten quite badly by the travel bug. As a result, I feel at ease when I am hopping on a plane to a different location.  And when it has been too long then I will feel some travel withdrawal malade. Being location independent will consist of making some plans and having to consider the following questions:

  1. What are my current projects or businesses? Here I am looking at my paid and unpaid work. Paid work is the one where I am generating an income flow. This could be offline products like my book “Series”: the Naked Series and later the Love Series. Programmes linked to these that I may have as an offline model or live one, where I am interacting with my delegates in real-time. The unpaid projects are the ones where I am doing the preparation for new products which may not be monetizing straight away.
  2. Where am I going to? Is it for pleasure and business? Is it purely for business? In the business model that I am currently building, one of the main things required to make it a success is the audience. A lot of what I do centres around social media. I need to build the awareness of my brand. I want to be open about me and what I am doing, so people can have confidence in my brand.  In terms of location it is great to combine business and pleasure. If this is the case then I may be very flexible in where I decide to temporarily call my abode. If my intention is to simply focus more on the business side of my life then I may be staying in a city. By the way one of the places of business where I would love to go next is LA.
  3. What settings would I like to be in? Will it be a 5 star hotel, or a 3-4 will do. I may  instead decide to feel more like the locals and rent a flat, cottage or house for a longer period of time.
  4. Money. How much do I want to spend in my travel budget?

The above questions will be food to thought. Yes being location independent is partly linked to where I want to be working and how much time I want to spend there.

Heaven to me is having that choice to communicate virtually, and then afterwards going out to explore my surroundings.


30 day challenge

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