The Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 days challenge – day 2

Yesterday, was the first day of the Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 days blog challenge and I posted an entry about why I started blogging with SophiaWorld and my new venture GoGetterMe. Please find the post here. I thought that it would be nice to continue this challenge where it all started.

30 day challenge
If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

In my life having freedom is important. This is freedom from sometimes the mental barriers, which maybe paralysing me from going out there and doing what I need to do in order to have the lifestyle that I want. So the lifestyle I aspire to is one that will allow me to travel and operate a business from my Mac Book Air. In a sense I have started to do this in the form of having an online tuition business. But I would love to wake up every day, preferably in one of my main residences which will be in a warmer climate. The sun “uplifts” me and my endorphins love to bath in this. So I would be waking up in my residence in sunny California. The structure of this home will consist of high ceilings and great lighting. Stretching out in the morning and thinking as I am defrosting myself that, “life is great”. I take the term defrosting from how my friend once described her new-born when he was waking up and adjusting himself to his surroundings.
So in terms of what I will be doing for a living, or to be more precise: how I will be living my life. I have a few offline businesses including Miss Law Tutor, and investing 20% of my time into them. With the rest of my time I will be focusing on brand SophiaWorld – my book series, the TV shows, the Talks and the other programmes. This will be a wonderful life with me chanting ever so often, “how can it get any better than this?” I will be expressing gratitude for this, saying thanks to the universe. A percentage of my lifestyle is connecting with my close love ones, as this is important.
The big “now”, enjoying what is present in my life is important.


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  1. Natalie Sisson
    Natalie Sisson says:

    Sophia I love this and you’re already a step ahead as in a few days I will ask people to create their perfect day and you’ve almost started on this. Look forward to seeing what unfolds here

  2. SophiaWorld
    SophiaWorld says:

    Thanks Natalie, I am enjoying this challenge so far, even though I was a bit tired tonight. It is a great way to bring the themes of your book alive and get the reader involved 🙂



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