The Creatorpreneur

A business is an extension of you. This became evident to me earlier on this year when I was going through some personal issues. At first I did not connect how the personal stuff was having an impact on my business. Then came one afternoon when I was looking for clarity in my life and business, and it became very clear that I needed to work on me. If you want to hear more about this episode then please watch out for my upcoming book the Naked Series. This leads me onto day 12 of the suitcase entrepreneur 30-days blog challenge.
30 day challenge

What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?

 Do you want to be in my tribe?

Ever since I was younger, I felt that I was different in terms of how I sometimes did not fit into the crowd with my counterparts. I was instead in my own little world, which consisted of me dreaming about being well known and wanting to do something great and big in the world. Not that I shouted this out to my classmates but I sometimes did not fit in. There was a part of me, who would say, “why do I need to be the same as everyone else?” As I got older I realised that it was okay to be my own person, I did not have to pretend to be someone else to fit into a tribe.


Keeping it real

When I first started SophiaWorld back in 2011, I already set up a twitter account. I post tweets and interact with people on there, telling them about the lifestyle articles that I had written. One American singer, Catte Adams, read one of my blogs and said that she liked it. How I was real, not trying to play someone else. This comment has stuck with me about how I am open and real with my story, and other stuff that inspires me. In a sense this is one of the foundations that my brand is built upon. I started writing the Love Series, and I paused with this as I acknowledged how I needed to address what was going on in my personal life. I wanted to be true to my audience when I wrote about certain life issues. How can I write a book about a topic, that I needed to figure out on a personal level?



Miss Positive

I do not mind being open about my struggles as well as the good parts. Uplifting and making people feel good is important. I see the power in being positive and like to vibrate this out

Miss Happiness


The Creatorpreneur

I am not a fan of the term Mumpreneur. Not that I am dissing businesswomen who are also mothers. But this focuses on just women who are mothers. How about the women who are not mothers? How about young people? How about me? The term that I wished I created would be Creatorpreneur. This is because I am an entrepreneur and creative in what I do. To be more specific I like to co-create possibilities. However I found a lady who uses that term Creatorpreneur. She has it trademark. I can use the term but not say I own it.


I can juggle

Skills that you develop and acquire can be transferable. I have worked in accounting, been a business analyst and lectured in business and corporate law. These days I coach and write. It is nice to have these options, and apply what I learnt in one area to another situation. When people work with me, they are acquiring this background.


You are unique and special in your own way

So being true to myself and having a multitude of skills and experiences gives me the opportunity to have insight and relate to people. So I, is a valuable concept to my brand.

30 day challenge

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