The A-team

As this suitcase entrepreneur 30-days blog challenge has continued, I have been feeling the figurative “burn”.  The saying does go, “no guts, no glory”.  As each day progresses, I have seen Natalie Sisson ask more deep questions like: how do you intend to monetize your online business? And how about the team to support your brand? They are good questions as you need to look at business from a  practical perspective – ensuring that you can take action now.  So this leads me to day 18 of this challenge.
30 day challenge

What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?


My A-team

When I was growing up in the 1980’s there was a TV show called the A-Team. In each episode the A-Team, who were the heroes, would help the innocent battle the baddies and ensure fair play. Okay, in a business I do not see the outside world as the enemy but it is a battle:

  • To get your brand out there;
  • Attract your ideal customers; and
  • Keeping people interested in buying into your brand.


One way to keep the brand out there is to have a little help from a team, collaborators and partnerships. Up until a year ago I did not fully understand how important affiliations could be in broadening in my fan base. As mentioned in a previous post I was under the misconception that I could do it all.


“A” stands for affiliation

In day 18 of this challenge, Natalie Sisson provided links on leveraging your brand through affiliations. I think that you should earn commission from recommending a product or service that you believe in.  Talking about a brand or product that I like to support is one that Natalie, or to be precise, the two Natalies are doing. They have this 3-months program, which helps people to launch their product or service – make your vision a reality. This program will start on 1st September, so like the Asda caption says, “once it is gone, it’s gone”. And this is until the next one.


Plugging what I like

I already like to shout out on the books that I like to read. This reminds me that I should add this list to my website as I do often get asked, even in interviews: what book do you like to read? So I see myself adding my Amazon links again.

“I like you, you like me, why don’t we do something together”

There are people out there, whom like what I do, and do similar work to me. It is great to chat to them. There are also people out there who may not do what I do but like LIKE it. Why not get a wider audience, by sharing what I do with other brands fans. It is always nice to reach a wider audience.
30 day challenge

Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me

It was 2011 when it became very clear to me that the way forward was to set up my own business. At that time, the obvious choice was to do something linked to training and coaching. As I already started to privately tutor and have experience of lecturing. Since I was new to thinking like a business owner, I wanted to learn. Part of my learning was not only reading the books, but also going out there and networking – asking questions. On one occasion I attended this half-day workshop in London about finding the life and business you wanted by Rasheed Ongunlara.  I found it informative, and it was one of the first encounters I had with mindset in business. I also saw how Rasheed had been developing his brand. He had done this sharing his expertise through: videos, books, talks on radio and TV. The entrepreneur Penny Power discussed in her book on online social media networking, that when attracting customers the formula was: “Know me, like me, follow me”. Point being that people buy from people who they know and can trust. This leads me to day 17 of the Suitcase Entrepreneur challenge.
30 day challenge

What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you, your :brand and your business?

1. Be myself

This week, I had an amazing conversation with an awesome and beautiful individual. We were having a conversation about life and other matters. One of the things that were reflected back to me is that my main strength is sharing with people ME. How I am not afraid to be myself. People connect to honesty and will feel comfortable in building up a relationship with someone who they feel is authentic. I have been doing this through my articles, which also appear in other publications and sharing my story. I recently started writing the Naked Diaries which is I telling people how my week has been, what I have been up to with my latest book. Even adding in my beautiful niece. I personally do not resonate with people who say, “Buy, and buy, from me”.

2. Give people the opportunity to have a dialogue with me

When I post blogs, it is a bonus when people not only FaceBook “Like” it, but engage by posting comments. Some people may say I liked that positive article, but may not post this.  (I have bumped into someone at Tesco who said that they loved my quotes, but did not see this on my page) This can sometimes be due to shyness. Maybe feeling that they comment is not “appreciated”. Yesterday, I started a conversation on FaceBook regarding this:

FaceBook conversation

I am going to use web chats, to give people the opportunity to chat to me. Perhaps record people’s questions to me.


3. Open up the audience world to people who are inspiring

Approximately a month ago, I started Go-GetterMe, a community where I share tools and resources on following your dreams. It is an extension of SophiaWorld, as it my project – what I am doing right now. I especially like to  share with my audience people whom I admire and find inspiring. Podcasts are a great way for me to interview people, and share on the different social media formats. This also reminds me that I need to read Natalie Sisson guide on this. This week, I had confirmation from an amazing lady who left her home country to start a business abroad, that she does not mind participating in an interview with me. She has an amazing and inspiring journey and it was featured on a Web Show. That is my latest teaser! This further illustrates the power of me going out there, being very open with my audience – and bringing in a ray of beautiful possibilities.
30 day challenge

Behind a successful brand is a strong team

I like finished products and completed services. But products or services do not simply just appear.  They go through a process from conception to the finished product. There may be more than one person involved in creating it. Years ago when I dreamt about having a freedom lifestyle, where I will also be having my own business. I thought that it would consist of me putting most of the work in to achieving that outcome. This involved holding on very tightly to the details, as I thought it was my dream and I needed to protect it. This proved to be opposite, how one person could create the product or service.

30 day challenge
Day 16 challenge set by the Suitcase Entrepreneur was:

How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?

Not wanting to let go of the baby

When starting out with a business, I came from the mindset that I needed to everything. This included putting my own equity into the business, and doing most of the work. I believe this came from thinking that I can not let go of my project, it was my baby.

The Creatorpreneur

I so love this word as it combines being “a creator” or “creative” and being an entrepreneur. It comes naturally writing and coming up with creative ideas. I sometimes get stuck in artistic temperament, and may not see everything so clearly. So it is great to get another’s viewpoint, especially when I am in a state of confusion. This viewpoint is to make clear what is happening around me.

“Do only what you can do”

To the outside world, people may see me as multi-skilled individual being able to do a lot of things. There is stuff that I can do well, and other stuff that does not come so easily.  In day 16 of this challenge, Natalie Sisson provided a link to an interview she did with the outsourcing guru Chris Ducker . He expressed the point to focus on what you can do, so in my instance I will be writing my blogs, books and developing courses; and for the other secondary stuff, that I may not like to do, then outsource. I do not currently have a Virtual Assistant but it seems like a good idea to have one. I learnt that you could have a virtual assistant for different tasks. Not just the administration.

The help

There has been help with my blog along the way, in terms of in the business and the outside. I refer to doing work on myself. I mean having a mentor, or someone to go to when I have questions. I am part of the brand. In terms of my lovely website, this was designed by the wonderful graphic designer and web designer, Cheryl Laidlaw of Reyl Design. I am not a very techie person, so I need someone to help behind the scenes. What is also important also, is to also find someone whom not only does the job well, but whom I have a good rapport with. They become part of the body that creates my finished product.

At the time of writing this article, I have a new book to be published and there are things that need to be done first before it becomes ready to buy. So I will be having a team behind this creation.



30 day challenge

You have mail…


When I first started my blog SophiaWorld, as mentioned in day 13 of this 30-days blog challenge, I did not have a clear intention of what I wanted my visitors to do. Okay, I wanted them to read my blog and to provide feedback on how it inspired them but there was no clear goal. I was not looking at monetizing from the blog. One year later, I was thinking and feeling big things for brand SophiaWorld. The lovely Felix Mackintosh of Tigersonic mentioned to me the golden ingredient for marketing a business – having an email list. This now leads me to day 15 of the challenge (drums rolls)

30 day challenge
How are you building your email list?

Building a tribe

I admit that I was a bit clueless on how to build an email list, and like Natalie Sisson mentioned in day 15 of this blog challenge, she too had not been paying attention to this.  I was instead focusing on writing the blogs, and coming from the mindset lets get more exposure for the brand by doing interviews and writing guest blogs.

The empty shop

One of the mentors and friends that I found through social media told me boldly one day that with my website it looked amazing, but what was the call of action. She summed it up as having a nice front store and your prospect customer comes in and responding with: “sorry you cannot buy the nice shiny items, as there is no stock.” Thank you Susan Francis. She went on to explain how I need to build my contact list, and give away a valuable source of information – sometimes referred to as freebie.


My hook

So to get more people signing-up to my brand SophiaWorld and my other brand GoGetterMe, I need to focus on the hook. The one thing that people cannot resist – a sweet treat.  I currently have been using mailchimp across all of my brands, so will continue to be using this format.

I recently created my version of a fly-on documentary, a real world behind the scenes of what I am doing in terms of personal and business projects, “the Naked Diaries”.  I think it is an awesome idea, as people often forget the process that goes in becoming and being the successful entrepreneur mindset; or possibly other areas. So my next action is to come up with a fabulous sweet treat, also known as the hook.

You got mail
30 day challenge

Tell me about those “3” things you want….

I do not like New Year resolutions, as I believe that you should constantly be setting new goals. Why wait to the end of the year to decide to do something big? I like to have direction, and find it nice to look forward to things. One of the things that I have been excited about since 2011 is my website SophiaWorld, also known as my baby. I see it as a website where people can come and feel that they have been dosed with inspirations and positivity. Day 13 blog challenge was all to do with my intentions for my website.

30 day challenge


What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?

Tell me what is it that you do”

When I first started SophiaWorld it was a creative output. I did not have a clear purpose for what the website was. Time went on and I seemed to have developed a common theme – wellness and lifestyle. It was one editor who once tagged me as the “lifestyle writer”. At the beginning of this year, I decided that I needed to monetize from the website. One question that came up after I would touch base with the people whom I network with was, “tell me what the purpose of your site is?” So it became evident that the message of my website was not clear.  I did some homework, even contacted a blogging coach. The feedback was that I needed to find a niche. Love seemed to be an obvious and popular choice; and it tied in with the book I was writing: the Love Series. Have you noticed the banners on this website? I decided to stay true with my intention of taking my audience on a self-exploratory journey, where they see my highs and lows; and there is always a theme of positivity. This is the message that I will convey. I have already started to work with a copywriter. I will also be working with my website designer so that I can change the home page

tell me what you want...

“I want people to easily find me”
Following from the website needing to have a clear a message, I want more people to find me through “keyword” searches. So I will be working on this.

“What can I offer people?”

Besides my audience getting to know me through my blogs, I will be offering more. This will be through my books. The first one being the Naked Series. I want to inspire them and boost their positivity and confidence. Maybe the latter should be my main website tag.  I like what the writer Karen Salmansohn has done with her website. I will eventually have a site similar to her one where my different offerings are made available.

30 day challenge

The Creatorpreneur

A business is an extension of you. This became evident to me earlier on this year when I was going through some personal issues. At first I did not connect how the personal stuff was having an impact on my business. Then came one afternoon when I was looking for clarity in my life and business, and it became very clear that I needed to work on me. If you want to hear more about this episode then please watch out for my upcoming book the Naked Series. This leads me onto day 12 of the suitcase entrepreneur 30-days blog challenge.
30 day challenge

What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?

 Do you want to be in my tribe?

Ever since I was younger, I felt that I was different in terms of how I sometimes did not fit into the crowd with my counterparts. I was instead in my own little world, which consisted of me dreaming about being well known and wanting to do something great and big in the world. Not that I shouted this out to my classmates but I sometimes did not fit in. There was a part of me, who would say, “why do I need to be the same as everyone else?” As I got older I realised that it was okay to be my own person, I did not have to pretend to be someone else to fit into a tribe.


Keeping it real

When I first started SophiaWorld back in 2011, I already set up a twitter account. I post tweets and interact with people on there, telling them about the lifestyle articles that I had written. One American singer, Catte Adams, read one of my blogs and said that she liked it. How I was real, not trying to play someone else. This comment has stuck with me about how I am open and real with my story, and other stuff that inspires me. In a sense this is one of the foundations that my brand is built upon. I started writing the Love Series, and I paused with this as I acknowledged how I needed to address what was going on in my personal life. I wanted to be true to my audience when I wrote about certain life issues. How can I write a book about a topic, that I needed to figure out on a personal level?



Miss Positive

I do not mind being open about my struggles as well as the good parts. Uplifting and making people feel good is important. I see the power in being positive and like to vibrate this out

Miss Happiness


The Creatorpreneur

I am not a fan of the term Mumpreneur. Not that I am dissing businesswomen who are also mothers. But this focuses on just women who are mothers. How about the women who are not mothers? How about young people? How about me? The term that I wished I created would be Creatorpreneur. This is because I am an entrepreneur and creative in what I do. To be more specific I like to co-create possibilities. However I found a lady who uses that term Creatorpreneur. She has it trademark. I can use the term but not say I own it.


I can juggle

Skills that you develop and acquire can be transferable. I have worked in accounting, been a business analyst and lectured in business and corporate law. These days I coach and write. It is nice to have these options, and apply what I learnt in one area to another situation. When people work with me, they are acquiring this background.


You are unique and special in your own way

So being true to myself and having a multitude of skills and experiences gives me the opportunity to have insight and relate to people. So I, is a valuable concept to my brand.

30 day challenge

Compatibility in business

It’s day 11 of the suitcase entrepreneur’s 30-days blog challenge, and I must say it is becoming clearer what strategies I need to use in developing and building a business.  Building a business has been an interesting process for me; it has made me look at things from a different mindset to when I was working for someone else. A business is like my baby. I feel so strongly about my brand SophiaWorld, I will fight for it. No one can put my baby down.
30 day challenge
Which business model is best for you and what one revenue stream is most feasible?

When reading the supporting resources for today’s challenge by the lovely Natalie Sisson, I came across the following quote:

“to make money in a way that suits your personality and serves what you value most in life”

I found this statement poignant, as it sums up my work ethos: doing something that is compatible with my beliefs. I have previously lived the life where I was stuck in a corporate cage, having to play by their rules – resulting in my creative personality being stifled. So it is important for me to stay with my core, heart-centred entrepreneurial needs.

red heart tab

I love people

I am a people person, so I like working with people. So I will spend part of my time actively earning from group coaching and 1-2-1s. There will be some programs linked to the books and other materials that I have written. One of the core themes of my programs is to provide positivity and to increase confidence. There may even be tags developed such as #theconfidencecoach.

Spreading the message…

As mentioned in day 10 1/2 post, writing comes natural to me. So I can imagine that I will be writing and publishing my written work. This will be a residual income; my books will be selling even when I am sleeping. I can also be picking up new customers, wanting to work with me.

Hypothesis testing

Sometimes it may be difficult to determine how an idea may pan out. In my life/business journey I have made some discoveries. This can be a mode of business that does not work. One main lesson I have learnt is “trading time for money” is not a sustainable model for service provider. So when I come up with new ideas for generating income, I will need to test them first. This is all part of the learning curve, where some bits may need to be tweaked to find out “what are my customers requirements?”

So it is an on going process, nurturing my baby.



30 day challenge

I have a plan

It is day 10 and a half of my suitcase entrepreneur blog challenge, and it is quite clear that I must put the work in. I am referring to putting into action what I have been learning as the challenge has been progressing. Talking about putting things into action, it is sometimes at this stage when people decide not to continue. This may be due to it not being right for them right now, or simply not wanting to do it.  I have decided to be a lady of action.

30 day challenge





What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business?

Act now

  1. Sell Books. I love to inspire people and the writing comes naturally to me. I envisage creating and writing books linked to wellness. My first book is the Naked Series, and I have already started to write the second book. I see a future with more published books. I see my first book being available in digital form.  I cannot wait to officially announce the launch date
  2. I like to network with people and I love to share the work of other inspirational people too. So I can see myself collaborating with other people in the form of online affiliation.
  3. Programs/Talks. This extends from the work that I have written in my books where people may need help in putting things into action, after they decide they want to go on a journey of transformation. Doing this online also provides people with the opportunity to work virtually with me. Some of the training can be recorded as well as live. This flexibility is great for me, as I do not need to necessarily “trade on my time”.
  4. Web TV/Web Therapy. I would love to work in TV and develop scripts The web allows people to watch programs at their own pace. Again, I can reach a wide audience.
  5. Training. I will be having an offline business selling notes on study techniques. There will also be some law courses for my specialist subjects. By using software like e-junkie, it will help to make the process automated.
  6. Expertise. I will continue to write for my blog and guest blog in other similar genre magazines linked to my wellness/lifestyle niche. This will enable to further sell my expertise.magazines

30 day challenge

The Heart Centred Entrepreneur

It is day 9 of the 30-days blog challenge, and yesterday was a day to be proud for completing Act 1. I have thoroughly enjoyed  the process, as I have always found writing a good way to explore concepts, and self-discover things about yourself. Question: have you ever looked back at letter, emails or diary entries that you have written? I find by looking back it tells us more about the situation and us. So here comes Act 2, I hope that you enjoy the rest of this journey.

30 day challenge

Whose online business do you admire most and why?

I must confess, when usually asked this style question that begins with  “who is your favourite….”, I kind of clamp up and I do this as it is usually hard for me to “pinpoint” only one person, who has written the most inspiring quote or written something amazing. In my business a core thread is to do with inspiration. Life inspires me: nature, the people I meet and the experiences that I go through. There are many amazing people out there.

Down to business

In the past 2 years, I have noticed that there has been an online trend with adverts saying: “how to create a business that will give you a 6-figure income” This may have been going on a bit longer and I may have not noticed it, because I was not looking to earn money independent from one source of income. I am mentioning this as most people who want to create a business, unless it is a non-profit organisation, want to earn a good amount of profit – be solvent. When we want something, then we will be attracted to adverts saying: “how to get more leads” or “how to earn more, work less”. I am not saying here that it is wrong to put yourself out there, and sell a service or product. I tell you now one of the qualities that I admire in looking at other people’s online business: actions.

“Action speaks louder than words”

The visionary and creator behind this 30-days blogging challenge is Natalie Sisson. I like how she has involved her audience in the process of launching a new book and seeing how you can use some of the principles to move forward in your business. This is genius. You have many people out there saying the talk, but are not necessarily sure if then can demonstrate the end results. She also follows the ethos of genuinely wanting to “help” people with a problem, that being: creating a freedom lifestyle and adding travel to this.

“I am not the only one”

I cannot remember exactly how I discovered Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneurial Association, may be it may come to me after I have published this post. I LOVE what she does online. She had a vision and dream, creating not only a community for women entrepreneurs but a monthly magazine too.

What I like about Carrie is how she has been open about her business story, sharing not only the amazing moments but also her struggles. She also studied law at University and even started her first business there. She looks at tools that also will be beneficial for other budding entrepreneurs, and uses the power of her growing audience to align with different industry experts for them to introduce business concepts.  She has passion in what she does.  I have even had the privilege to have some email conversations with her. Part of her online success is by using affiliation programs. She partners up with an expert, lets them introduce their product or service and as I suspect earns a commission. This is not a bad way to generate income.

Talking from the heart: “I’m going to talk about the good, bad and ugly”

I was first introduced to Gabrielle Bernstein, last year when I was reading one of the Female Entrepreneurial interviews via the This Girl Means Business. This led me to wanting to buy her book the Spirit Junkie. To me it was relevant to where I was spiritually. I am also what some may describe as New Age in terms of how I look at everyday life issues. I admire her positivity, and how she likes to come from a love source rather than fear. Gabby (as she is often referred to in the press) has also built a women’s community online Her Future. As well as writing books, she also does talk and other trainings. This is a business model that I will be applying in brand SophiaWorld. I am already doing it, in terms of writing this blog – sharing my story. In my new book to be released later on this year I discuss the genre “real-life”, as a progression from self-help.


The famous successes

There are also the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Bransons of the world. As well as the other celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are inspirational people. The challenge was people who have an online business, but we cannot ignore the power of digital media. I saw a very inspirational video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger the other day, how he talked about pushing himself and going for what he believed in. I am a person who likes to come from the core of the heart. I admire people who also do so.
30 day challenge

The lady who lived in her head

It is day 7 of the Suitcase Entrepreneur 30-days blog challenge, and I feel very proud of myself for keeping up with the daily posts. Yeah! I have gone on an adventure – a self-exploratory one, looking at my internal thought processes and how this is acted out in my day-to-day life and business. It is interesting how this very morning, I was reading a FaceBook post about how you react and behave in situations shows the person you are. This made me wonder, when I did not go through with things in the past, was I presenting that I was just a dreamer – not an action taker! It is powerful looking back at YOU.

30 day challenge
Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

What do I do?

This question today really HIT me, in terms that it was delving much deeper into my psyche. It could have easily been rephrased to, “tell me what it is that you really do, on a day-to-day basis?” I can easily have started this post by jumping into what resources and techniques that I should be applying in my personal and business life. For you as my audience, you would have been none the wiser. This is not to say that there is no method in what I do.

In today’s resources on Natalie Sisson’s page, there were some useful articles and tools on your mind and body. I liked how she reminded me of how you cannot forget about your wellbeing, on this journey of building a freedom lifestyle and adventure. Today, I downloaded iYoga App, as well as listening to the calming and soothing voice of Susan Piver.

Love me!

Sometimes with me playing the busybody, I may forget to self-love. Look after my mind and body. How can I not self-love? So I realised in this exercise that I have to add into my schedule more power-walks and treat days.


Write it down

I like to write my thoughts and ideas on to post-it notes, or the Evernote App when it first hits me. I usually have this latter one open most of the times on my Mac Book Air. In terms of projects, when I start to form an idea, I will map it out in PowerPoint as it helps me to go through the logic. I realised today that when I look at the bigger picture, or “higher-level” view of the details as they would describe in business, that I tended to keep it all in my head. So this made me feel like the lady who lived in her head. I must place all these visions all on my vision board.

potato head

Hello Again Mr Bento

With the 3 current projects I have, it is amazing how I have been working on them simultaneously. I realised today that I should be having more conversations with my Bento. This can lead to better utilisation of my time, plus it’s a nice feeling to see the words: complete and accomplished.
30 day challenge