“I’d like to connect” – LinkedIn Story

I was first introduced to LinkedIn back in 2006 when I was being made redundant from my last permanent job. I attended one of those work-related workshops on “what next, after redundancy”. The trainer invited us to LinkedIn and recommended that we should connect all connect there. I soon found friends, former University friends and people whom I have worked with on the site. I saw LinkedIn originally as a place to post my profile, my Curriculum Vitae. And here comes day 5 of the Suitcase Entrepreneur social media challenge.
Social media Challenge
How are you using LinkedIn to establish your credibility, build your professional rolodex and attract new clients, partnerships or business?

Personal Profile

My personal profile is a starting point on where I have been and where I am now. For years my main focus was on selling my skill set to a prospective employer. This all change when I started to do interim work; became a consultant. My role was to go in, bring things up-to-date, streamline and perhaps suggest different process improvements. Therefore I had to think of my profile as brand, a business. In terms of LinkedIn training, I have read materials and also attended training webinars. From one of these webinars I learnt the importance of using keywords, not just titles. This enabled me to feature on the top of the list of people who had certain skills. I also have a summary, which I wanted not to read like, ” I am a person originally from a corporate background”. This is because there are plenty of people out there with the same “job title”.


The amazing thing about LinkedIn is that you can use it to maximise your profile. Not like the Curriculum Vitae (CV) where you list titles and achievements. You can share your portfolio, even your manifesto through a slideshare. From the profile you can be headhunted. I have had people approach me direct about from finding my profile. As it is a great marketing tool, I must make sure that I am maximising my profile.

Company page

I tested out having a company page for ProActive Vision Training, and it has been a great training in terms of building a microsite for a business. I will be doing more training on this. I intend to create a new one for my recent start-up GoGetterMe.

LinkedIn Group

I am a member of a number of groups in LinkedIn. Some I joined as they were linked to my areas of expertise. Others I joined since I was interested in the topics, for example being a blogger. I also learnt that being part of a group, or having a group, could be a great way to not only share interesting material and engage; I can also make people aware of my projects.


To keep my personal profile updated with my projects, and to make sure that I am people are hearing about my best work, so that they can trust my brand.


I want some more Likes

When I originally launched SophiaWorld, it was mainly for a creative output. I did not see it as a business; a way of monetization. 3 months later, I was still enjoying the writing and was building up my regular readers. One editor of an e-zine, described me as a “life-style” writer. I then had the thought, “I can do big things with this website”. During this time, my website template was the  wordpress twenty eleven  design. I decided then and there that there will be a re-design. This did happen and on June 22nd 2012, there was a re-birth. The new re-designed website was launched. It was also a great day, as it was also my birthday. My web designer, also created an official SophiaWorld FaceBook Fan page. Day 3 of the suitcase entrepreneur social media challenge is all about FaceBook.
Social media Challenge

How are you using Facebook to build your brand and business?

Everyone seems to be chatting about their “Fanpage”

When my web designer first created a fan page for brand SophiaWorld, she created a nice cover picture which tied in beautifully with the website. I liked the page and she too Liked it. Then nothing was added to the page for nearly 6 months. I admit now, that I did not understand the importance of having a fan page. In terms of networking with new people via social media, I was using the medium of Twitter. I found that it made it easy for me to send a message to the President of America (not that I have attempted to contact President Obama). At the time I thought Facebook was more for socialising than actually keeping in contact with my potential customers.

It was when I was having a conversation with my friends the English Sisters, it became evident that FaceBook was important. They mentioned how they have generated a lot of business through FaceBook. I, could not ignore the potential pound (£) sign. Using FaceBook must be a useful tool.

“I need some Likes”

It is interesting, the people or organisations that pop up in your FaceBook timeline. One of my discoveries last year was Amy Porterfield, who can be described as the Facebook guru. I attended one of her sessions where she talked about increasing your page “Likes”. One way was through advertisement, so for a week I placed an advert to increase my page Likes.

“I  like some conversations”

I like to post comments on what inspires me, what I have been up to, plus share information that may be useful to my FaceBook fans. I have sometimes had Question Mondays. I will in the next year work at increasing engagement with my Fans, and attracting the audience who are interested in my work. This includes my lifestyle blog, my life series books, my programs and future shows. As I say over in my newly created club, I am a go-getter and intend to make things happen.

Going where my customers hangout

It’s all about social media these days, you can not ignore it. I have even designed an introductory course to  deliver in colleges; highlighting the influence of social media in not only your personal life, but also your business and work life. And here arrives day 2 of the suitcase entrepreneur’s social blog challenge.

Social media Challenge

Question: Who is your target market, which social media sites should you be focusing on and why?

My ideal customer

It always begins with who is your ideal customer. And so often, people begin with the product or service – I have a great idea route. I have been guilty of that, especially since I did not come via business school route, although I do have a background in accounting and law.  I am person who has projects which are targeted to different people. In my latest new venture GoGetterMe, this is aimed at the person who wants to go out there and achieve their life and business goals. So if they want to be travelling around the world, why not. If they want to be transitioning careers, what is stopping them. For GoGetterMe, I see my main customers hanging out in FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Hanging Out

Building relationships is always about building trust as highlighted in Know me, Like Me, Follow Me. I like to share not only my articles which will have my findings on certain topics, but other resources. I know people who do similar stuff to I, and I have already started to talk to them about collaborating. They helping my audience with a problem. To me it is a “win, win”, as you can achieve more with partnerships and teaming up. My audience is happy as they are obtaining further support in becoming a go-getter!

Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me


People to People: “how I cannot ignore social media?”

“These days people want to know the person behind the brand, not just the official company face”.

So here I am on another blog challenge created by the Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Social media Challenge

The question for day one of this social media blog challenge was as follows:

What are three ways you can improve your current social media strategy today?

Keep the brands distinct
Currently I have four social media profiles: GoGetterMe, SophiaWorld, Miss Law Tutor and ProActive Vision Training. To some this may feel overwhelming when describing what I do. They may ask who am I. I want people when coming across these brand to see them as distinct and strong on their own. Not that this is one of many projects from Sophia Husbands.
“Don’t forget that I am serving a customer”

It is so easy to tell my life story, at the same time people are wanting to know that you can “listen” to their needs. Where they may be needing help. I do already like to share my resources and tips that can help people move forward. When for example posting in FaceBook, I would like to increase my engagement with the audience. From listening I can learn a lot about what is important to people, help find resolutions.

Give more FaceTime

I like to invite people to chat to me, get to see my personality. I would like to use social media to invite people to my group webinars and chats. Maybe once a month do an open Skype chat session or google+ hangout.