I have a vision “finding my Harry Goldenblatt”

Back in late 2012, I attended a workshop where we exploring having a better relationship with love. It was an interesting day, we started off in the morning with yoga poses. I was not too flexible but I have always preferred Pilates – strengthening the core! But then came the second part where we were to do the practical: create our own vision board. [Duh Duh Duh] Up until that point I had always felt a bit apprehensive when the words vision and board were put together. It felt scary.

Why did the vision board scare me?

I grew up with my mother saying that it was not good to interfere with the unseen spirits. She referred to horror stories of friends and people in her local community who delved with Ouija Board, and shortly later falling very ill or worse. Yes, there were perceptions planted into my head about how playing with ‘certain’ boards was not good for the spirit. Then there is the other element an image: a picture is a thousand words. So a lot can be sad in an image, it can be quite powerful. It can express an emotion: happiness, elation, relief, or sadness to name some feelers. Thus an image was something powerful. Seeing this on the board of how I like to see the future was scary.

SophiaWorld Vision Board

I soon had a change of thinking. I am traditionally a word person. And I do believe in having visions. This has always been what has helped me to remain focus. So I a person that likes to write things down, map it out. Have you not noticed the stickie within the logo for brand SophiaWorld. Go and take a look, as it symbolises how I like to process things and work. After that afternoon of cutting out, not only images but words, I found it to be fun – not too scary. By me being clear with the image, it was just reconfirming my intention to the Universe.

my vision board

my vision board







Finding my Harry Goldenblatt: how did this experiment go?

Some of the things materialised in terms that  did find myself in a hot location the following year. I did not stay as long as I thought, but sometimes it is all about timing.  The Universe does like to work with you; and your desired outcome may come out in a different way to what you expected. This is okay. As I write this, I think of a Sex and City episode where the character Charlotte, recaps on how she was on a mission to find a husband. In this mission she found Trey [hope I got the right character for the right show], and she thinks that she has found the one. By her best efforts she tries to sustain the relationship, up until she has to draw the line and divorce. She has a second attempt with a new divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt. On external appearance, he was not what she usually was attracted to. But she started to fall in love with his core. He was fulfilling her ‘inner core’ list. So have you guessed the morale of he tale: how the Universe works in it’s way with your ‘described” vision.

Have you created your own vision board? I love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

If you would like to follow my electronic vision board, please see the link.