“gioia di vivere” or “joy of life”: I love cornetto ice cream

I do not speak Italian but I love Italian food, country, culture and expressions. Often when people make reference to the Italian culture, they say that the people are passionate about life. This can be conveyed in the food, design and of course in romance.

What is passion?

Here are some definitions of the word passion that I came across:

(from the Latin verb pat? meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardour.


strong sexual desire; lust.


You will have noticed that passion is very emotive. I had people describe me as being very passionate at times. I agree I do get passionate, especially when I have strong feelings about something that I believe in. I would go as far to say that without passion there is no pulse. Why am I talking about passion? Is because people can become comfortable with a situation and become unhappy due to there being no passion. This does not necessarily mean sex, love and romance but your life in general.



“Gioia di vivere” or “Joy of life”


It is so important to find passion and joy in your everyday life, as without this you can lose purpose.  Question: how many times have you walked around in your day-to-day life, and gone by a passer-by whose face is withdrawn and looking downwards? You may count numerous of occasions. You may answer that there may be reasons for this; it is more linked to the experiences that they are currently going through. I am not going to say here that there is always joy, and happy moments, as this would be untrue. We all can face different challenges at times; which may be linked to our different life relationships – money, food, health and work to name some. It is always about perception. We may have thoughts like: “why is this happening to me?” “This is painful” “I feel numb”. Yes, when you are in an emotion it can be hard to move away from it. It is good to allow, instead of “boxing” it to later – which will result in it resurfacing later with more force. What helps is for you to maintain a beautiful perspective in life, is how we appreciate and focus on little details around us.  I will share one life altering experience with you.  I was single at the time and recently came out of a long-term relationship. Up until that point, I believed that it was better to be in a coupling rather than being single. But on that sunny Sunday afternoon, I was sitting alone at a Chinese restaurant with people around me who were in company, and I thought it was nice being in my own company. “Life was good”. I did not feel unhappy and alone. There were amazing things to appreciate, like eating and savouring the different flavours. Often we forget to do this, in the noise of the world. There is joy. Like the Italians would say: “giola di vivre” or “joy of life”.


“How do I find joy?”


For some readers of this post, you may have a general interest in all things called wellbeing, so you may have come across expressions such as: “be appreciate”,” take time out and be grateful”, or ” write daily gratitude statement”. This can be all good. Here are some more steps, which you can apply to your daily routine:


1. How you start your day, shapes your day. It is nice to have a mission and decide how you want your day to go. I like this sentence that I recently came across and if praying is not your thing, then you can replace it with: “Today I would like…”


Today I pray for.jpg

2. Start off your day nourishing yourself. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it gives you the fuel to keep focused and progress with your day. How about nourishing your mind? This can be through reading positive quotes that may be sent to your inbox via a subscription service. You may allocate 30 minutes of your time to read fiction or an educational book that may push you further to achieving a goal. It is a nice feeling when you are progressing.

3. Send a smile. In this age that we live in, it is easier to communicate with people. We can communicate in person or virtually in real-time. Smiling and laughter can be infectious. On a daily basis, send out a smile. This can be to a person you are sitting across on the Tube/Metro. Do not worry about what people may think. Two things may occur 1: they may ignore you or, 2) return the smile. Smiling can take place virtually. You can send a text message to a random friend or contact, wishing them a great day.  You may not know how much that can mean to the other person. You in turn will find joy.

Here is a link to the song Smile, if you would like to listen to music:


4. Appreciating art. There is much joy to have in appreciating art. It is everywhere and around us. From the architecture of buildings to looking at Instagram pictures. Also take a moment to think about the passion, which went into it!

Sophia and graffiti near Portobello road

5. Play. When we are younger we play, have fun and do not think that it is wrong. As we get older we forget about this. 




6. Enjoy the flavours. Sometimes we may get very busy, that we forget to taste the flavours of the food that we are eating. Some scientist says that food should be chewed much slower, and it can also be better for nutrition. This same concept can be applied to other life situations. By the way I love treating myself to cornetto ice cream.



7. Take joy in your surroundings. Some people say it is good to get back to nature as it helps is get grounded. Here, I’m talking about breathing in. Noticing the people and dialogue. Sometimes we may get wrapped up in our own lives. 

There is a blank space – no picture!!


Question: what today can you take joy in? If there are any others that you wish to list, please feel free to share in the comments below. And have a joyful day 🙂