Omertà : My response to the Yahoo article

Today, an article will be unveiled in the world wide web (www), one that it very close to home. This is because it is about me. It tells about a time gone by, a period where I was going through a relationship that was negative, and there was other external factors. But is this not, usually a pattern of how external factors can be influenced by internal emotions?

You may wonder the reason for the title of this article, Omertà. It is Italian and refers to “code of honour”, and if you have watched the mafia movies such as the  Godfather, you would have seen a community that kept silent about certain things because it was the done thing – not to talk about them. Why was this? Was it to do with the typical English “stiff upper lip”, grin and bear it? Or was it shame? Before this article was to be published I had the opportunity to view it; and although I agreed to take part in the interview it was shocking to see the results in “black and white”. This had been my life, a period of time which I have now moved on from. So, began, the emotional turmoil as I was temporarily shifted back to that time. I called upon a good friend who is based in Canada, who I have known since my school days, to discuss the article. She too had a preview, a taster. She made a the comment about how it is good to get my story out there, along with the journalist, that it would “inspire” other people that they can change a “negative” situation. My initial worries were that I did not want to come across wanting sympathy and pity. It was not retaliation against the “wrongdoer”.

After all I do believe in “positivity”, motivation and “inspiration”. The What’s Stopping You campaign is my baby. Talking about inspiration, my writing is inspired by everyday life; the people that I met; experiences that I have had; added with humour. This has been a year of the shift, where people are starting to become more aware of adding “heart” and “spirituality” into their lives. Maybe you may not have felt this; and I’m feeling these “vibrations” more. The point is that people want to connect, not just to their “inner-voice” but other people. For a while this would probably be through the medium of watching a TV soap, reading a piece of fiction, hearing the radio gossip of the latest celebrity “shenanigans”. But now people are seeking answers in self-help books. I have read quite a few – so would say, why not. I believe that there is revolution going on “real-life” stories.

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