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“There is only one you!” Shanti had spoken these words to me during our Skype conversation last week. I was talking about my brand, my upcoming book the Naked Series and reaching my ideal customer.  In this world we live in, we want to feel accepted. This may mean trying to mould ourselves into “acceptable” models. People may do this by imitating other successful people. Whilst you can learn things from what people have done, and it can be flattering imitating them, we are still our own person.  We should not be denying others of our uniqueness. The people who have done amazing stuff, been pioneers, were the go-getters who were not afraid to challenge status quo – go against being what was perceived to be normal. They set their own pace and people paid attention. Day 19 of the blog challenge is about influence.
30 day challenge

Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?

Guest blogging

When I first started to blog I wrote guest blogs. This was for a website, targeted at single people who did not think that they were dead, because they did not have a “plus one”.  I found out about this site via my friend Twitter. I loved the concept and wrote one article on how some women were predatory when it came to chasing their guy; whilst the other types of women, the snail, took it easy and seemed not to be getting the very same results.  A friend encouraged me to step up and create my own blog.

I have seen from guest blogging, how I can write for a specific audiences who are interested in a genre or topic of my expertise. This is nice, as they will usually share similar values. This is not to say that I expect everyone to agree with me. It is where people say, “I have a difference of opinion” where I can sometimes learn new things.



I like being interviewed as it gives me the opportunity to talk about my brand, and my specialist topics. I think by hearing my voice, people get to feel my character and hear my enthusiasm for my work. I have already featured on radio and been interviewed by my friends the English Sisters on their web channel. So it is nice to build relationships with people and organisations, as there may be a platform to talk about my latest articles or project.

I will also be interviewing inspiring people for my Podcast show. So I do not also learn but my audience.

The Series

I agreed with Mr William Shakespeare when he said:

All the world’s a stage

Life is a series of episodes, where we have a beginning, a middle and end. This continues throughout our life. I have written material for two books, which end with series. I intend to publish the first one based on some everyday life themes, based on my own story, the Naked Series. There will be other books to follow.

Keep staying true to my heart

As a medium once said to me, “people connect to me because of  your honesty.” Yellow was one of my first articles where I was being open about my “highs and lows.” By sharing my story, I hope this generates inspiration for my audience to remain true – follow their heart.



30 day challenge

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