Living like the minimalist

When I was young, my mother told me that when she moved to the UK from the Caribbean how she travelled light. She came out with the phrase, “those who travel light, travel fast”. I was quite amazed about this story, thinking: how can you go somewhere and not pack too much items? Fast forward some years, and I admit that I hate to be weighed down with lots of stuff. Hence why I loved it when I purchased my MacBook Air last year. This leads me onto day 26 of the suitcase entrepreneur blog challenge.

30 day challenge
Could you live a minimalist lifestyle? Why or why not? OR What does minimalism mean to you in the context of your ideal lifestyle?

What core things are important when I’m travelling?

After having the passport and the money, I would say clothes and business equipment. This is the equipment like having a smart phone, my MacBook Air and good Internet connection.

Can I live with less weight?

Yes I can. I find that sometimes having possessions can weigh you down, as you can become very attached to them. This is not only the physical weight, but also the emotional weight. For example you can keep holding on to that beautiful coral dress that you do not wear. Therefore when looking at packing items, I will need to ask myself “am I going to really be using this?”

So for my planned freedom lifestyle, I intend to be travelling with just one suitcase. This takes out the stress on when you have to be on the go, of worrying about if I packed something. Talking about packing, it is great to have a list of the core items. Perhaps separate the clothes from my business attire, as demonstrated by Natalie Sisson also known as the suitcase entrepreneur.

Living the minimalist lifestyle

I like entering spaces where it is not too cluttered. I eventually plan to have some permanent basis or hubs, dotted around the world. My beach haven is calling me! I can imagine there will be a few home comforts, treasures that I may have collected whilst travelling. But for the other temporary places, I like to not be carrying too much weight and stick to: the area being safe, the place being clean, and having good Internet connection.

As my mum says, “those who travel light, travel fast”

30 day challenge

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