“It is all in the routine, structure”

As much as I like the idea of living the “freedom lifestyle” I will get bored and may end up unhappy if I felt that I had no structure or purpose. This leads me to day 25 of the suitcase entrepreneur challenge:
30 day challenge
What skills do you need to build or refine to be a happy Suitcase Entrepreneur?

Starting off the day on a positive note

How I begin my day effects how the rest of the day will be. If I wake up feeling bright and positive, then this gives me the boost to go out there and make things happen. I have also read some tips from other motivators on daily practices that you can do. Here are some of them:

  1. Read a book early in the morning for perhaps 30 minutes, on an area of self -development. This can be for improving your skills, or to give you a boost. I like to read books linked to improving your lifestyle, my current read is the suitcase entrepreneur, as I am working on building a freedom lifestyle.
  2. Do meditation. I for one was a bit of a novice on mediation. Listening to relaxing music – this can be instrumental – plus doing your stretches can help to energise you.
  3. One that I came across very recently was watching a funny video, or TV show can help boost your mood.


When I was away recently, I was speaking to a family relative who specialises in helping fledgling business persons on creating business plans and doing their feasibility testing. One thing he said was to make sure that I always have a “project”; and it did not matter if I may not have the end customer in-hand already, at least, once it was completed then I be ready to sell it.  With the online business structure that I have, I will be offering products and resources for sale. In this ever changing world, this will mean creating new products relating to the need and demand at that time.


It  is good as I opened to have structure in your life. Organising myself via iCalendar or other project management programs gives direction. Plus it is good to keep track with meetings.


It is good to take time out, and self-pamper, as it can become very easy to work and work. There needs to be a balance of fun, spending times with friends and family.  Talking about friends and families it is also important to note: who is it that is around me? I am talking about people who may not be supportive, or understand why what you do is important. I have a friend who does an “audit” ever so often and she eliminates people who are toxic.


It is also important to take breaks, maybe do Pilates, which is one past time I like to do, as well as walking. Sometimes it becomes difficult to take time out when we are feeling overwhelmed. The important thing is to enjoy the now.


30 day challenge

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