Eye of the “tiger”: The “fighter’s spirit”

I was out with my younger sister recently, when she made reference to a recent comment that her sister-in-law had made about me: “I cannot keep up with your sister, as she seems to always be on the “go” with regards to the different projects.” And I thought if only she knew about my battles that I sometimes have with keeping up the “momentum”. How does one keep going at certain times?

Some people search inwards by looking for a God, -ing, or any other source of comfort – this is good for them. There are others that search outwards which may at first seem to be the easiest method. I am not saying that this is bad, as I am a believer in self-help, going out there to find solutions to questions. But when we are looking for answers, is this to do with an issue that we seem to be facing from time-time – a repeat pattern – or for a new problem? You may be wondering why I am asking this. Let’s revisit the topic the word that I brought in earlier on, “momentum”. Drive, passion, motivation can be described as the part that keeps the machine going – the human being. These words are also “emotional” based.  And what happens to emotions, they can be predictable and can change; similar to the fluctuation of a currency. That currency can stay within a range for a fixed period of time. I will not continue with the economics, can you see the point?

How does one keep the momentum up? Is there a “pill” that can be taken? We seem to live in culture, or maybe we like to find the easiest and fastest solution.  Is there anything wrong with this? Why do things have to be hard – it should come easily – should it not? Maybe it is something that needs practising, making perfect.


Today in a forum, I was asked the question directed to a method used at keeping motivated. How simply writing down an affirmation or “quote” is not sufficient. Yes, I can write down anything on a piece of paper and post-it. I write this cheque for $1,000,000 and I will “acquire” this. I will find my love and get married within 90 days. There is this saying, “each, to their own,” and another I remember once being heard repetitively, once whilst on holiday in Barbados, “different strokes for different folks”. So I accept that what may work for another individual, might need to be altered for another.

Going back to pills, (I feel that I may need to re-title this, that pill), they can hit a “spot” and then make you feel better again. Or you may need to keep taking the pill. How about having a good source to refer to. In my writings on relationships, a core theme that radiates is self-love. Finding the love from within, and even my guest blogger Rajinder Rana-Uppal wrote about this.  With all energy sources this will need fuel. I do this by trying to keep “grounded” and staying connected with nature. I also keep clear and focused on my intentions. Keeping clear is important, and I always recommend to people who may be a bit stressed and wanting to seek balance to check-in.  Ask how they are feeling? How do they want to be feeling? What 5 things are important to them, as priorities can change.  Sometimes having that “vision” or “intention” written or posted as an image can act as a reminder. Talking about reminders they do serve their purpose. Recently I was going through an emotional week, and it was amazing how I saw my support network come together. I had questions directed at me, when a plan did not work out, “so what are you going to do?” Another reminder of the positive impact I had in another person’s life when they were low.

So keeping the momentum, the fighting spirit is remembering what your intentions were. Like the Rocky film, keep on going despite the obstacles.

Never give up

Never give up

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