Compatibility in business

It’s day 11 of the suitcase entrepreneur’s 30-days blog challenge, and I must say it is becoming clearer what strategies I need to use in developing and building a business.  Building a business has been an interesting process for me; it has made me look at things from a different mindset to when I was working for someone else. A business is like my baby. I feel so strongly about my brand SophiaWorld, I will fight for it. No one can put my baby down.
30 day challenge
Which business model is best for you and what one revenue stream is most feasible?

When reading the supporting resources for today’s challenge by the lovely Natalie Sisson, I came across the following quote:

“to make money in a way that suits your personality and serves what you value most in life”

I found this statement poignant, as it sums up my work ethos: doing something that is compatible with my beliefs. I have previously lived the life where I was stuck in a corporate cage, having to play by their rules – resulting in my creative personality being stifled. So it is important for me to stay with my core, heart-centred entrepreneurial needs.

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I love people

I am a people person, so I like working with people. So I will spend part of my time actively earning from group coaching and 1-2-1s. There will be some programs linked to the books and other materials that I have written. One of the core themes of my programs is to provide positivity and to increase confidence. There may even be tags developed such as #theconfidencecoach.

Spreading the message…

As mentioned in day 10 1/2 post, writing comes natural to me. So I can imagine that I will be writing and publishing my written work. This will be a residual income; my books will be selling even when I am sleeping. I can also be picking up new customers, wanting to work with me.

Hypothesis testing

Sometimes it may be difficult to determine how an idea may pan out. In my life/business journey I have made some discoveries. This can be a mode of business that does not work. One main lesson I have learnt is “trading time for money” is not a sustainable model for service provider. So when I come up with new ideas for generating income, I will need to test them first. This is all part of the learning curve, where some bits may need to be tweaked to find out “what are my customers requirements?”

So it is an on going process, nurturing my baby.



30 day challenge

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