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Earlier on this year, I attended a book launch for the book How to be Selfish. There was an after party book launch where the guests mingled and got to know each other. There was a mixture of fascinating people, from designers to an owner of a diamond business. Towards the end of the evening, […]

Something Big…October 2012

This month, October, is an exciting month for me with some exciting projects coming to life. I had the opportunity to attend a get together with the team behind a new and exciting brand, @30ishme. This is an e-magazine focusing on the women who are in their 30’s, successful and single, do not have children […]

That Damn Mouse

The inspiration for this blog began a few weeks back. Did you not see my video blog That Damn Mouse on the justsophiaworld YouTube channel? Now, the story of that Damn Mouse begins. I have always had an aversion to rodents, so much so, that I found that even hamsters gave me the “jeepy creepies”. […]

Age ain’t nothing but a number

It’s been a little while since I last published a blog. Sorry guys and girls, I write about life-style issues, so need to be living life to be writing about it. I thought, I talk about a topic that will continue to be discussed to the end of time: Age. That is one thing that […]

Is there anything like a free meal ticket?

When I have taught law of contract in the past, I have defined the concept of “consideration” – what each party get’s in return. How you don’t get something for nothing. This leads me to a “confrontational” topic of how some woman are seeking a “life-style” of receiving material items from men. Some may call […]

The Dementor

We are all spiritual beings, manifestations. Our outlook presence is not only present, our energies are always there. You are probably asking why I am talking about energies? Is this going to be a discussion on religion, spirituality, wizardry (note the Harry Potter magical creature)? No it is going to be more focused on feelings, […]

The Help

My friends sometimes describe me as Miss Busy, since I like to keep myself occupied with one project or another.  If I had coined a term, one of them would be, “busy is good”.  Let’s say that I can sometimes have a few projects running simultaneously with each other. This is probably due to me […]