Let’s Get Started – Coaching programme (Create The Life You Want)

Do you feel stuck in a rut?   shutterstock_66692533

Are you close to burn out from the hours you work?

Do you wish you could do something different – a new job, go freelance, set up your own business, follow your dream, spend more time with friends and family, travel?

Do you have a passion you want to pursue but lack the confidence to do it?

Are you confused about what your passion is or what you’re good at?

Do you need to shift your mind set to help you make a change?

Do you want to free the go-getter hiding inside you?

Are you ready to make a transformation?

I can help you

I’m Sophia Husbands, founder of SophiaWorld and the Go Getter Me Podcast show.

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 What I’m offering

CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT package for go-getters who want to:



After completing an initial diagnostic tool, you will get a 60 minutes with Sophia covering clarity and strategy. 

You’ll get an additional two 30-minutes follow up call with each of them after the initial session; and email support.

Coaching can take place via Skype or Phone.

The result

If you commit to the process, the type of results you can expect are:


The investment

This package covers a 2 month period, with a tangible action plan you can put into practice to start making your dreams a reality.

All this amazing support is available for you for just £347.00

*Our refunds policy: All deposits and coaching fees are non-refundable

What clients say about us:

 “Sophia was amazing,  gave me sound advice and encouragement that has helped me realize a life long dream that had been blocked due to a fear of mine. She has a wonderful perspective on life and a passion for helping people that shows when you are talking with her. After I discovered her blog a few months back and read her ebook and I was hooked. What a wonderful heart,soul and beautiful spirit:)  Thank you Sophia!”

Shana G, Florida, USA

“I first met Sophia Husbands just over a year ago, at a business meeting for new upcoming entrepreneurs.  Once I was introduced to her I was instantly impressed   by her knowledge, advice and candour, and gained a lot of insight about how to start up a new business and how to use the Internet and various media to my advantage.

After the meeting we agreed to keep in touch and since then we have had regular chats and updates about each other. The most telling thing about Sophia is her ability to put one at ease. I was impressed by her positive attitude and endless go getter spirit.  She is always upbeat and patient and I have seen her success grow. She is always innovative and full of ideas and is not afraid to face new challenges and is always proactive.

In my conversations with friends and family, I often find myself quoting her intelligent and well thought out meme from SophiaWorld and other projects.  She is always proactive and is boundless with creative energy and new ideas, and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future”

Cecelia Grant-Peters, UK