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It is day 9 of the 30-days blog challenge, and yesterday was a day to be proud for completing Act 1. I have thoroughly enjoyed  the process, as I have always found writing a good way to explore concepts, and self-discover things about yourself. Question: have you ever looked back at letter, emails or diary entries that you have written? I find by looking back it tells us more about the situation and us. So here comes Act 2, I hope that you enjoy the rest of this journey.

30 day challenge

Whose online business do you admire most and why?

I must confess, when usually asked this style question that begins with  “who is your favourite….”, I kind of clamp up and I do this as it is usually hard for me to “pinpoint” only one person, who has written the most inspiring quote or written something amazing. In my business a core thread is to do with inspiration. Life inspires me: nature, the people I meet and the experiences that I go through. There are many amazing people out there.

Down to business

In the past 2 years, I have noticed that there has been an online trend with adverts saying: “how to create a business that will give you a 6-figure income” This may have been going on a bit longer and I may have not noticed it, because I was not looking to earn money independent from one source of income. I am mentioning this as most people who want to create a business, unless it is a non-profit organisation, want to earn a good amount of profit – be solvent. When we want something, then we will be attracted to adverts saying: “how to get more leads” or “how to earn more, work less”. I am not saying here that it is wrong to put yourself out there, and sell a service or product. I tell you now one of the qualities that I admire in looking at other people’s online business: actions.

“Action speaks louder than words”

The visionary and creator behind this 30-days blogging challenge is Natalie Sisson. I like how she has involved her audience in the process of launching a new book and seeing how you can use some of the principles to move forward in your business. This is genius. You have many people out there saying the talk, but are not necessarily sure if then can demonstrate the end results. She also follows the ethos of genuinely wanting to “help” people with a problem, that being: creating a freedom lifestyle and adding travel to this.

“I am not the only one”

I cannot remember exactly how I discovered Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneurial Association, may be it may come to me after I have published this post. I LOVE what she does online. She had a vision and dream, creating not only a community for women entrepreneurs but a monthly magazine too.

What I like about Carrie is how she has been open about her business story, sharing not only the amazing moments but also her struggles. She also studied law at University and even started her first business there. She looks at tools that also will be beneficial for other budding entrepreneurs, and uses the power of her growing audience to align with different industry experts for them to introduce business concepts.  She has passion in what she does.  I have even had the privilege to have some email conversations with her. Part of her online success is by using affiliation programs. She partners up with an expert, lets them introduce their product or service and as I suspect earns a commission. This is not a bad way to generate income.

Talking from the heart: “I’m going to talk about the good, bad and ugly”

I was first introduced to Gabrielle Bernstein, last year when I was reading one of the Female Entrepreneurial interviews via the This Girl Means Business. This led me to wanting to buy her book the Spirit Junkie. To me it was relevant to where I was spiritually. I am also what some may describe as New Age in terms of how I look at everyday life issues. I admire her positivity, and how she likes to come from a love source rather than fear. Gabby (as she is often referred to in the press) has also built a women’s community online Her Future. As well as writing books, she also does talk and other trainings. This is a business model that I will be applying in brand SophiaWorld. I am already doing it, in terms of writing this blog – sharing my story. In my new book to be released later on this year I discuss the genre “real-life”, as a progression from self-help.


The famous successes

There are also the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Bransons of the world. As well as the other celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are inspirational people. The challenge was people who have an online business, but we cannot ignore the power of digital media. I saw a very inspirational video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger the other day, how he talked about pushing himself and going for what he believed in. I am a person who likes to come from the core of the heart. I admire people who also do so.
30 day challenge

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