Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me

It was 2011 when it became very clear to me that the way forward was to set up my own business. At that time, the obvious choice was to do something linked to training and coaching. As I already started to privately tutor and have experience of lecturing. Since I was new to thinking like a business owner, I wanted to learn. Part of my learning was not only reading the books, but also going out there and networking – asking questions. On one occasion I attended this half-day workshop in London about finding the life and business you wanted by Rasheed Ongunlara.  I found it informative, and it was one of the first encounters I had with mindset in business. I also saw how Rasheed had been developing his brand. He had done this sharing his expertise through: videos, books, talks on radio and TV. The entrepreneur Penny Power discussed in her book on online social media networking, that when attracting customers the formula was: “Know me, like me, follow me”. Point being that people buy from people who they know and can trust. This leads me to day 17 of the Suitcase Entrepreneur challenge.
30 day challenge

What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you, your :brand and your business?

1. Be myself

This week, I had an amazing conversation with an awesome and beautiful individual. We were having a conversation about life and other matters. One of the things that were reflected back to me is that my main strength is sharing with people ME. How I am not afraid to be myself. People connect to honesty and will feel comfortable in building up a relationship with someone who they feel is authentic. I have been doing this through my articles, which also appear in other publications and sharing my story. I recently started writing the Naked Diaries which is I telling people how my week has been, what I have been up to with my latest book. Even adding in my beautiful niece. I personally do not resonate with people who say, “Buy, and buy, from me”.

2. Give people the opportunity to have a dialogue with me

When I post blogs, it is a bonus when people not only FaceBook “Like” it, but engage by posting comments. Some people may say I liked that positive article, but may not post this.  (I have bumped into someone at Tesco who said that they loved my quotes, but did not see this on my page) This can sometimes be due to shyness. Maybe feeling that they comment is not “appreciated”. Yesterday, I started a conversation on FaceBook regarding this:

FaceBook conversation

I am going to use web chats, to give people the opportunity to chat to me. Perhaps record people’s questions to me.


3. Open up the audience world to people who are inspiring

Approximately a month ago, I started Go-GetterMe, a community where I share tools and resources on following your dreams. It is an extension of SophiaWorld, as it my project – what I am doing right now. I especially like to  share with my audience people whom I admire and find inspiring. Podcasts are a great way for me to interview people, and share on the different social media formats. This also reminds me that I need to read Natalie Sisson guide on this. This week, I had confirmation from an amazing lady who left her home country to start a business abroad, that she does not mind participating in an interview with me. She has an amazing and inspiring journey and it was featured on a Web Show. That is my latest teaser! This further illustrates the power of me going out there, being very open with my audience – and bringing in a ray of beautiful possibilities.
30 day challenge