I have a plan

It is day 10 and a half of my suitcase entrepreneur blog challenge, and it is quite clear that I must put the work in. I am referring to putting into action what I have been learning as the challenge has been progressing. Talking about putting things into action, it is sometimes at this stage when people decide not to continue. This may be due to it not being right for them right now, or simply not wanting to do it.  I have decided to be a lady of action.

30 day challenge





What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business?

Act now

  1. Sell Books. I love to inspire people and the writing comes naturally to me. I envisage creating and writing books linked to wellness. My first book is the Naked Series, and I have already started to write the second book. I see a future with more published books. I see my first book being available in digital form.  I cannot wait to officially announce the launch date
  2. I like to network with people and I love to share the work of other inspirational people too. So I can see myself collaborating with other people in the form of online affiliation.
  3. Programs/Talks. This extends from the work that I have written in my books where people may need help in putting things into action, after they decide they want to go on a journey of transformation. Doing this online also provides people with the opportunity to work virtually with me. Some of the training can be recorded as well as live. This flexibility is great for me, as I do not need to necessarily “trade on my time”.
  4. Web TV/Web Therapy. I would love to work in TV and develop scripts The web allows people to watch programs at their own pace. Again, I can reach a wide audience.
  5. Training. I will be having an offline business selling notes on study techniques. There will also be some law courses for my specialist subjects. By using software like e-junkie, it will help to make the process automated.
  6. Expertise. I will continue to write for my blog and guest blog in other similar genre magazines linked to my wellness/lifestyle niche. This will enable to further sell my expertise.magazines

30 day challenge