Mr Prince Harming

I first came across Karen Salmansohn, a year ago in my FaceBook feed. I was curious about her tag on her website, “Self Help for People Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Self-Help”. The line was catchy, and I liked how she played with the area of self-help, that seemed to become increasingly popular. People were starting to become more self-aware, wanting to understand “why are they here” and “what is there purpose”. As the case when something seems to be on trend, you get different people popping out of the woodwork, giving their two cents!  I also like people who do not sound too “cliche”.

“Oprah Winfrey is a fan”

As I navigated around her website, I also found out that she had been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, which is always a good sign. I paid attention to a book that she wrote on dating, called: Prince Harming Syndrome. I loved two things here: 1) The play with words and 2)  It was about breaking bad relationship patterns. This was different to how to the love acquisition styled books, which shouted how to get the one. As mentioned by Karen, this will not make a lasting happy ever after style relationship.

“You can have your happy ending”

I liked how Karen started the book with giving an account of her old relationship pattern, with the Prince Harming type, to where she is today with her husband and son Ari. From reading the book, I learnt where she got the inspiration for naming her son.

“It’s an inside job”

There are three types of categories of relationships described in the book. Two out of the three, you do not want to fall into if you really want to have a sustaining relationship. In the book, Karen looks not only at the outward view of looking for love but also about your internal workings. So often, people are going looking for things when they do not truly know the person inside. Like with the philosophy of letting things in: sometimes you need to let go of the negative baggage, which is not really serving your purpose. This can mean past relationships, and even the stories that you may have learnt from your parents. So it is therefore an inside story.


Be kind. Being kind is about loving you, as well as being loving to others. In a relationship as Karen states, you need to be a good listener and show appreciation. Often when we think we have something, we may start to take it for granted. People want to feel special.

“Fools Rush In”

Shakespeare, who has to be one of my all time favourite writers, once said that if you act in haste, then you will repent in leisure. Too often in the dating game, people like to jump in and forget to ask those questions that are important to them. And you can see this when you read articles where people complain about being in a relationship, where their partner does not want to commit. As Karen suggests, the early stages of a relationship is getting to know the person. Find out what their views are on commitment, what is important to them, and I do not want to ruin the surprise for you so read the book to find out the rest!

Get your copy below:

The lady who lived in her head

It is day 7 of the Suitcase Entrepreneur 30-days blog challenge, and I feel very proud of myself for keeping up with the daily posts. Yeah! I have gone on an adventure – a self-exploratory one, looking at my internal thought processes and how this is acted out in my day-to-day life and business. It is interesting how this very morning, I was reading a FaceBook post about how you react and behave in situations shows the person you are. This made me wonder, when I did not go through with things in the past, was I presenting that I was just a dreamer – not an action taker! It is powerful looking back at YOU.

30 day challenge
Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

What do I do?

This question today really HIT me, in terms that it was delving much deeper into my psyche. It could have easily been rephrased to, “tell me what it is that you really do, on a day-to-day basis?” I can easily have started this post by jumping into what resources and techniques that I should be applying in my personal and business life. For you as my audience, you would have been none the wiser. This is not to say that there is no method in what I do.

In today’s resources on Natalie Sisson’s page, there were some useful articles and tools on your mind and body. I liked how she reminded me of how you cannot forget about your wellbeing, on this journey of building a freedom lifestyle and adventure. Today, I downloaded iYoga App, as well as listening to the calming and soothing voice of Susan Piver.

Love me!

Sometimes with me playing the busybody, I may forget to self-love. Look after my mind and body. How can I not self-love? So I realised in this exercise that I have to add into my schedule more power-walks and treat days.


Write it down

I like to write my thoughts and ideas on to post-it notes, or the Evernote App when it first hits me. I usually have this latter one open most of the times on my Mac Book Air. In terms of projects, when I start to form an idea, I will map it out in PowerPoint as it helps me to go through the logic. I realised today that when I look at the bigger picture, or “higher-level” view of the details as they would describe in business, that I tended to keep it all in my head. So this made me feel like the lady who lived in her head. I must place all these visions all on my vision board.

potato head

Hello Again Mr Bento

With the 3 current projects I have, it is amazing how I have been working on them simultaneously. I realised today that I should be having more conversations with my Bento. This can lead to better utilisation of my time, plus it’s a nice feeling to see the words: complete and accomplished.
30 day challenge