Just Do it: A New Year Tale

It has taken me some time to add pen to paper, of course figuratively speaking, to write about a New Year and resolution as a theme. For people who know me, I am not big on New Year resolutions. This is not to say that I do not like to make clear what it is that I would like to achieve.


Why wait to the end of the year?

The problem I have with New Years Resolution, is why wait to the end of the year to set those big goals? We should instead be looking at everyday to have joy, love, expansion and flow.  Sometimes when people are making plans of the spare of the moment at New Years Eve, it may be something in the moment not really planned out on how they are going to achieve the goal. For example, at 11:59 on 31st December I may make the statement, “I’m going to lose 2 stones and join the gym”. The next day I start looking at gyms, maybe go to one session and the momentum goes. Then at some stage I may have felt that I failed.


Life is a continuing learning process

I do not have all the answers. I think when I discovered that it was liberating. But I am always willing to learn. From setting goals, I have been able to understand myself better. There have been some goals that I have achieved and others that I did not. This is not to say that I am quitter. I think it goes back to going to your source; the why of what motivates you. Going back to the previous example, why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you feel bad about yourself? Have you been over eating? Do you want to be feeling a certain way? I read an interesting book this year, E-squared by Pam Grout. She described a time in her life when she did not feel so pretty. When she started to love her body, she noticed a shift. Her skin glowed. It shows the power of self-love in play.


This was the year of LOVE

Love to me is pure, honest and unconditional. It never leaves you – not really.


This year I was asked the question many times, “What is your niche?”  People want to have a clear idea of what it is that you do, which is sometimes the opening line when you meet people in a social setting. I was trying to find my niche. I had discussions with various consultants, from the blogging coach to the social media expert. They kept coming up with the theme of love. Why not give advice on dating, or finding the one. They were interested in my Love Series book that I was writing. But going that way never seemed right. Maybe because I a bit of a non-conformist. I did not want to be pigeon holed; and put into a category. So I took a bit of a pause. There was a period during the spring and summer when I became quiet in the writing front. I went through a period of Yellow. During this time I was experiencing some challenging times on a personal front. Things were getting a bit too much.


My support

We all need help, even me who coaches and mentor other people. Sometimes there is a stigma for saying “I need help”. But there is nothing wrong with this, as there are people out there who feel like they are getting a blessing, by helping another human being. Even in the world of dating, it can turn the other partner on, someone needing his or her help.  This year I developed new relationships with different communities, some of them I met through social media. I met some interesting women who are out there trying to build a better life for themselves, as well as their family. I learnt from them how important it is to stay on your true mission in delivering and serving. You have something to offer the world.


Just be YOU

Some months ago, I was having a Skype conversation with an amazing being that hit the nail on what it is that defined me. She said, “Have you not realized that you are the person who just plays being yourself, not worrying what others may think? How there are people out there who are scared to be  themselves?” This was a breakthrough in terms of the work that I did. It gave my mission a clearer purpose. Helping people to become go-getters via my GoGetterMe brand, and creating a happier life through SophiaWorld.




Freedom lifestyle

This year was certainly the year of the freedom lifestyle. I was introduced to the brands: The Free Range Human and The Suitcase Entrepreneur. I admire their motto and style of deciding to, and going about living life on their terms. Who told you that you have to be a 9-5? Who said that you can not build a work or business life, where you can be your own boss and spend time with your family or loved ones? We, after all, live in the digital age. And I am happy to say that I made a good connection with Natalie Sisson, and what she shares in her book is so invaluable. More than you would get on a business course.


“It’s okay to have quiet time”

In our day-to-day life, we like may like to keep busy and distracted. It can be scary being still and connecting to our source, center or heart. I, for a while was not connecting to this. Maybe this was due to being scared of being on my own. Thinking that I needed to be around company to be whole. Another reason is that maybe I was scared to get to the truth of how I was really feeling. This was the year of meditation. One thing to take forward into the new year, is be in tune with your instinct, as it is usually your best guide. If something feels heavy, then change it. I talked about this in the article, “Am I on the Right Path” via the Smart Healthy Women e-zine.


Tips for 2014

  1. Be true to yourself. There is nothing wrong with going with what feels right; you do not need validation from others.
  2. Like in my Be Happy book, look at your inner circle and see if they are supporting you. You may need to declutter. You be amazed that when you are feeling at your best, that you will be attracting more positive people and things into your life.
  3. Break down your goals. Start with 5 for the year. Ask yourself why it is you want to be doing it. How do you want to be feeling after the outcome is achieved?
  4. It is very easy to compare yourself to the Joneses. It is not a race, go at your own pace. This can include finding love.
  5. Start a love affair with yourself, in my Be Happy Book, Tip 8 is about addressing your needs.
  6. It is okay to ask for help when it is required.
  7. Follow people who are pursuing the goals that you want to achieve. We live in the age where it is becoming easier to reach out to people over social media.
  8. Do not be afraid for just going for it. Sometimes we worry about failure, but look at it as a learning curve.
  9. Love yourself; people will feel this and your body will respond to this. You are great just the way you are.

10. Smile at strangers more.



I am on a mission to increase happiness in 2014. Be Happy.