Scream and Shout: don’t allow negativity to fester

The big slap

Let me tell you a story, yesterday I received some news about a acquaintance who used to feature quite heavily in my life. I found out how they led quite the double-life. I was shocked and disappointed, as I felt that they were a friend. In all relationships an element of trust is required. Although some say that you can really trust yourself more than anyone else. I can understand this to a certain extent, but you need to be able to feel safe with people.

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Scream and Shout: It’s all in how you react, which is the test

It’s difficult not to be you. I mean behaving or reacting in a certain way. Usually when a person does something wrong, it is very easy to respond back in a negative way. This can be shouting, screaming, or even plotting revenge. Ivana Trump’s phrase, “Don’t get mad. Get even”, comes to mind. Get even does not necessarily have to be negative. It can be deciding that you are going to take a lesson from the incident, and grow from it. Decide for example, that you will be kinder to yourself in the future. This way, you are not allowing yourself to fixate on the drama and negativity of the situation. Why allow negativity to reside in your mind?



Wake up call

Sometimes when you get the shock, or slap in the face it may cause you to take pause. It can be a great thing, as it makes you put things into perspective. Question, whether you are truly happy and give you the opportunity to put things into action. I remember writing Yellow, after going through a low vibrational period were I was angry. Feeling that I was wronged. Yes, I have been there before, where I felt sorry for myself. I am human, so will experience disappointment. What has helped is plotting revenge, coming back stronger and better after lesson learnt.


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