People to People: “how I cannot ignore social media?”

People to People: "how I cannot ignore social media?"
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“These days people want to know the person behind the brand, not just the official company face”.

So here I am on another blog challenge created by the Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Social media Challenge

The question for day one of this social media blog challenge was as follows:

What are three ways you can improve your current social media strategy today?

Keep the brands distinct
Currently I have four social media profiles: GoGetterMe, SophiaWorld, Miss Law Tutor and ProActive Vision Training. To some this may feel overwhelming when describing what I do. They may ask who am I. I want people when coming across these brand to see them as distinct and strong on their own. Not that this is one of many projects from Sophia Husbands.
“Don’t forget that I am serving a customer”

It is so easy to tell my life story, at the same time people are wanting to know that you can “listen” to their needs. Where they may be needing help. I do already like to share my resources and tips that can help people move forward. When for example posting in FaceBook, I would like to increase my engagement with the audience. From listening I can learn a lot about what is important to people, help find resolutions.

Give more FaceTime

I like to invite people to chat to me, get to see my personality. I would like to use social media to invite people to my group webinars and chats. Maybe once a month do an open Skype chat session or google+ hangout.

About SophiaWorld

Sophia Husbands specializes in mindset and has a passion for helping people to discover their real, unique self and feel confident about projecting this out into the world. When she is not writing and coaching people, she loves to connect with inspiring people. She is also the host of the lifestyle and freedom mindset podcast the Go-Getter Me show. View all posts by SophiaWorld

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