Behind a successful brand is a strong team

Behind a successful brand is a strong team
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I like finished products and completed services. But products or services do not simply just appear.  They go through a process from conception to the finished product. There may be more than one person involved in creating it. Years ago when I dreamt about having a freedom lifestyle, where I will also be having my own business. I thought that it would consist of me putting most of the work in to achieving that outcome. This involved holding on very tightly to the details, as I thought it was my dream and I needed to protect it. This proved to be opposite, how one person could create the product or service.

30 day challenge
Day 16 challenge set by the Suitcase Entrepreneur was:

How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?

Not wanting to let go of the baby

When starting out with a business, I came from the mindset that I needed to everything. This included putting my own equity into the business, and doing most of the work. I believe this came from thinking that I can not let go of my project, it was my baby.

The Creatorpreneur

I so love this word as it combines being “a creator” or “creative” and being an entrepreneur. It comes naturally writing and coming up with creative ideas. I sometimes get stuck in artistic temperament, and may not see everything so clearly. So it is great to get another’s viewpoint, especially when I am in a state of confusion. This viewpoint is to make clear what is happening around me.

“Do only what you can do”

To the outside world, people may see me as multi-skilled individual being able to do a lot of things. There is stuff that I can do well, and other stuff that does not come so easily.  In day 16 of this challenge, Natalie Sisson provided a link to an interview she did with the outsourcing guru Chris Ducker . He expressed the point to focus on what you can do, so in my instance I will be writing my blogs, books and developing courses; and for the other secondary stuff, that I may not like to do, then outsource. I do not currently have a Virtual Assistant but it seems like a good idea to have one. I learnt that you could have a virtual assistant for different tasks. Not just the administration.

The help

There has been help with my blog along the way, in terms of in the business and the outside. I refer to doing work on myself. I mean having a mentor, or someone to go to when I have questions. I am part of the brand. In terms of my lovely website, this was designed by the wonderful graphic designer and web designer, Cheryl Laidlaw of Reyl Design. I am not a very techie person, so I need someone to help behind the scenes. What is also important also, is to also find someone whom not only does the job well, but whom I have a good rapport with. They become part of the body that creates my finished product.

At the time of writing this article, I have a new book to be published and there are things that need to be done first before it becomes ready to buy. So I will be having a team behind this creation.



30 day challenge

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