About SophiaWorld

Hi! My name is Sophia.  I’m an entrepreneur with a ‘go-getter me’ mindset. I’m on a mission to connect with people who want the best out of life, because they are willing to put there best into it, just like I do! So on my life journey I am writing about my first-hand experiences and sharing my knowledge with you through my books and training courses. I believe that our purpose is to observe, learn, grow and love.  So now you are here with me, it’s time to start exploring and discovering more about how to be your awesome self, just like me!

My story

After reading Law and Accounting at university, I spent ten years creating a portfolio career in accountancy and as a business SopiaWorld-contactmeanalyst for a number of large multi-national organisations; I also worked as a lecturer during this time. I loved my career and have always been a high achiever but I also began to see that without some balance, I could easily end up on a fast track to burn out.

There were times when I felt my friends were all finding love and settling down while I was working around the clock. Yes, I was earning good money and achieving all the things I’d wanted in my teens and early 20s but at what cost? It was a question that plagued me.

In 2011, I decided the time had come to make a change in my life, one that would create new patterns and help me achieve my core desires, to write, to be a trainer, to travel and connect with other inspiring people. As well as running a law tuition business, working as a consultant and featuring as a guest writer for a number of online publications, I launched SophiaWorld as a lifestyle blog focused on life, happiness, love and much more.

Since then SophiaWorld has grown.

How SophiaWorld can help you

Through my books and training courses, I can support you on your life journey so you can get what you want from life, whether that’s to form stronger relationships, change career, work anywhere in the world, or simply experience new things. I know that after you’ve read my books and done my training courses, you’ll start getting your confidence back and be ready to be your awesome self! And ready to take on any new challenges, the world throws at you!

Also, Listen to my amazing ‘Go-Getter-Me’ podcasts for interviews with some incredible individuals who have carved out the lives of their dreams, or enjoy a weekly dose of positivity through the Sophia World blog.

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